Just Who Are We Americans?

The more I hear about the Obama administration the more I realize that this president honestly doesn’t know who we are as a people.  He thought this vastly diverse country that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other nation in the history of the world was made up of haters, extortionists and whiners.  Apparently that has been his experience.  He has chosen, over the decades of his adult life, to engage with those who claim victimhood as a right.  During the campaign he told us to look to the people he surrounds himself with to understand who he is, and to do so is a frightening expose.

Since graduating from law school, he hasn’t worked in any organization that actually produces anything.  He has, though, spent time working as a civil rights lawyer and teaching at a university, in addition to running for numerous political offices.  Our current president seems to have never held a job that brought him into regular contact with the vast legions of hardworking Americans who just want government to allow them the freedom to pursue their own idea of success and happiness–those Americans who ask for no financial remuneration from the rest us outside of that willingly offered in the exchanges of the free market.  This is the America that works, and this is diversity: each pursuing his own idea of fulfillment and happiness.  Unfortunately, our first African-American president apparently didn’t even know it existed.

While many Americans, especially the youngest who haven’t yet been tutored by the realities of life and budgets, gladly buy into the paradigm of ‘something for nothing’ and ‘let the other guy pay my way,’ that isn’t the heart and soul of this country.  Those who value freedom over freebies apparently needed a push in order to wake up.  And wake up we did.

The problem with this latest uprising is that it was completely unexpected by those in Washington who have been passing legislation for decades, unchecked by those of us who believe in personal responsibility and other such silly notions.  Most of us have just been too busy trying to keep our heads above water and create, within the walls of our own homes, our own little havens of peace.  We now realize more brutally than ever that those who’ve chosen not to work to create their own sense of security and happiness feel entitled to ours and have the support of those in power a they inform us that we owe it to them.  Watch out, America, community organizing has moved into the White House!

We are a country founded on the principles of hard work, freedom, and the ownership of our own private property–as opposed to the ownership of someone else’s–and extortion and arm-twisting just aren’t the way most of us live our lives.  But, because of our long silence, some misunderstood; they mistook that silence either for acceptance, or as proof that we didn’t exist at all.  Well, hello, Mr. President!  Here we are, louder than ever, and willing to say what needs to be said.  It was grassroots support that got you where you are today, and without a willingness to listen to us now it will be grassroots opposition that makes sure your reign of serfdom lasts no longer than it must.

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