Obama and Fundraising

Our President, in his State of the Union speech, expressed concern about the recent Supreme Court decision which “will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections. “

I find it to be a positive sign that he’s concerned about contributions from foreigners and spending limits on election campaigns.  After all, his own campaign accepted a reported $29,000 from two men in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza strip during the campaign and investigations uncovered donations from nearly 70 other countries, with no verification process in place to determine if the contributors were American citizens or foreigners.

While our president is concerned that corporations could potentially “spend without limit,” his campaign didn’t seem to be nearly as concerned about individuals spending without limit, in violation of existing federal law.  The systems that McCain’s campaign had in place to verify donor’s identities and addresses and reject those that couldn’t be verified, were apparently nonexistent in the Obama campaign.  There were numerous documented instances of individuals making small donations 20 or 30 times in one day in amounts that in some cases totaled up to $10,000.

So, while it is still illegal for unions and corporations to make contributions to individual politicians, they’ve been placed on somewhat more equal footing with American citizens.  Maybe instead of getting all worked up about the Supreme Court, we could focus just a little more attention on the laws still in place to ensure the money raised for the upcoming elections in November is actually legitimate this time around.

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