Debt Monetization and Solutions (courtesy of The Onion)

Anyone competent enough to figure a few simple math problems must have already come to the conclusion that our government is headed down a road of utter financial armageddon.  Recently, a friend mentioned to me that he thinks taking a long-term approach to analyzing our economic state as a nation can only lead to extreme conclusions, and thus not realistic for the United States.  Just what is it that makes us so different from all the other nations that have defaulted on their debts over the years?

It seems as though Sheldon Finger, over at the Huffington Post (presidentially approved news source, BTW) is agreeing with me on the very conclusions I’ve drawn, and which were viewed by my friend as “extreme” – that we are being led down a path that is looking more and more like Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic, and it’s time for hard choices.

The Onion has a solution to our debt problems and I think it might work better than the recently-announced policy of federal debt monetization, which is precisely the next step on the path to the aforementioned armageddon.  Take a look and let me know if you agree or if you have any ideas for a better way!

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