The Illogic of Modern Victimism, er, Feminism

I’ve had some fascinating discussions with women lately.

I’ve heard that women need to be believed. Always. No matter what. And that they’re pretty much always victims. And lots and lots of men are bad.

So when I was told that 1 in 3 women in my state of Utah are in physically abusive relationships, I questioned that number. Because that isn’t my experience. Not anywhere near it. In fact, I mentioned that I don’t have a single close friend in that situation. And lots of similar statistics have been proven false.

And do you know what I was told? Because my experience wasn’t the same as theirs and wasn’t reflective of the statistics they love to hate, my experience is not valid. They’re certain that their experience is mine, I just don’t know it. Because women, you know, are afraid. I’m surrounded by women who are being abused but are simply too afraid to talk about it. And they’re going to make sure I know my place if I think otherwise.


So here’s what I learned: Women are to be believed if they say things with which you agree. Women never lie but are often afraid to tell the truth. Women have been so empowered by the politics of the last few decades that they suffer horrific abuses in silence. If my experience does not comport with your experience, my experience is invalid.

Yeah, no thanks. Conformity’s never been my thing. Then again, neither’s illogic.

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