Obama’s Plan Worked?

C.M. Phippen

What plan was it that “worked”?

The plan where the debt held by the US government increased by an amount greater than the debt accumulated from George Washington’s presidency all the way to Bill Clinton’s?

The plan where US competitiveness fell from 1st to 5th?

The plan where unemployment went up as rapidly as the federal deficit and 700,000 more workers lost their jobs during the Obama recovery (I’d certainly hate to see an Obama recession)?

The plan where already unaffordable worker health insurance costs increased 23 percent?

The plan where the number of Americans in poverty rose by 6.4 million, to the highest level since the start of the war on poverty in 1965; and that is with the safety nets in place that were created by that war?

The plan where the number of Americans on food stamps increased 44%, to the highest rate EVER, all while the government runs ads touting dependence on food stamps to help you “look amazing“?

The results of the plan which lead Henry Waxman to declare this?

One Response to “Obama’s Plan Worked?”

  • Paul Day Says:

    Note that Waxman said that the month Obama took office unemployment was above 10%: it didn’t reach 10% until October of 2009. ( Note that Waxman criticizes the Republicans for holding Obama back from day one in his presidency: but Democrats had not only the presidency, but the House and Senate as well. Did the Republicans hold them back from passing the stimulus that was supposed to bring unemployment below 8%? What held him back from passing ACA (Obamacare)that was the most important thing to do to create jobs? And as for the prescription drug plan, two wars, tax breaks (primarily for the wealthy??): I wonder how Waxman voted. By the way, George Bush inherited the fallout from the Community Reinvestment Act (very effectively implemented by Clinton, Cuomo, Reno, etc): the sub-prime mortgage mess.